Pleško Farm

Our farm is located on a small hill above Otočec, where we have been farming since time immemorial. We used to be livestock farmers, but about a quarter of a century ago we switched to fruit and vegetable production and abandoned livestock farming altogether.

We started with a hectare of orchard and then gradually expanded. We now have about two and a half hectares of orchard and just over six hectares of vegetables. Of this, a good hectare is covered with greenhouses, so we have a year-round supply.

It wouldn’t be possible without the whole family being involved, so the next generation is slowly coming to the fore; our son Robi, who has also turned to farm professionally, and his wife Mojca, who is currently still working, is also devoting her time to farming and their three children.

We have loyal customers, mainly from the municipality of Novo mesto, but also from further afield in Dolenjska. We grow and produce our vegetable seedlings and produce, both for ourselves and for them.

The proof that we are doing the right and honest thing is the fact that customers come to our farm, even if it is just to buy seedlings.

Customers are our greatest treasure.

a: Prapreška pot 11, 8222 Otočec
m: 0038641 989 178